BCX Lite Rife Lite




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The BCX ULTRA LITE is a stand-alone, fully programmable Rife generator and features the same library of pre-set Rife programs as our BCX ULTRA.

It incorporates the “double bubble” glass tube, a pair of hand-held electrodes, footplates and sticky pads. Please be aware that the optional accessory items such as LED, vortex coil, double bubble tubes, magnetic mat cannot be attached to this unit. They all require the purchase of our main BCX ULTRA unit.

The BCX ULTRA LITE does not require purchase of the basic BCX ULTRA unit in order of operate. The BCX ULTRA LITE double-bubble tube mounted on the base unit allows for easy hands-free use for individuals and even several people at the same time!

BCX ULTRA Features:

Control Unit:

  • Dimensions: 11.0″ x 8.0″ x 3.0″, 2.5 lbs
  • Power Supply – Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.2A & Output: 24VDC @ 2.0A


  • Input: 1 – jack for Power Input (DC power plug, 2.5mm, center positive)
  • Input/Output: Jack for Computer (USB Type B)
  • Outputs: 5 – jacks for electrodes (2 pairs), Glass Tubes, LED Pad
  • Eight – Push Buttons for Power On/Off – Start – Pause – Stop – Change – OK – Back – Next

Output Type:

Select from 7 possible combinations

  • Electrodes only
  • Ray Tubes only
  • LED Padonly
  • Auxiliary only
  • Electrodes & Ray Tubes simultaneously
  • Electrodes & LED Pad simultaneously
  • Electrodes & Auxiliary simultaneously

Variables for each Program

  • Numbering a Program: use up to 4 digits
  • Naming a Program: use up to 8 alpha-numeric characters


  • 16 Character Green LED Alpha Numeric Display
  • LED indicators for – Ray Tubes, Electrodes, LED Pad (Red or Green), and Operating Functions
  • View Built-in Instructions on LCD display screen
  • Run a Pre-program – Scroll or select a built-in program name or number. Both are displayed on screen
  • Run a User program – Scroll or select your custom program by name or number
  • Create – Edit – Save – Run – a custom program
  • View a Program
  • Copy a Program to another User program location
  • Erase a User program

Computer Control Capabilities:

  • Factory Preset Programs: 1424
  • User Programs: 256
  • Output Frequencies: simultaneously: run a single or dual frequency
  • Sequence Frequencies per Pre-program or User program: 80 single frequency, or 40 dual frequencies

Can Square Radio Waves Affect Microorganisms?

Every living and non-living thing has a natural vibration rate or frequency. Dr. Royal Rife in many experiments demonstrated that microorganisms have their own specific Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR). This frequency, if amplified, will either debilitate these organisms or actually resonate their membrane walls to the point of collapse: basically they are vibrated to death.

Rife used various square wave frequencies transmitted both radiantly (radio) and by direct micro current to disable microbes. Seventy years of history indicates that using square wave technology does not damage healthy cells. Square waves can inhibit microbial growth. Square wave frequencies seem to improve the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood cells. Perhaps this is why BCX-ULTRA frequencies appear to support a healthy and vibrant body.

Rife Machine With Penetrating R.F. Frequencies

Now you can reach the MAXIMUM capabilities and potential in Rife Frequency Technology with the MOST ADVANCED gas plasma delivery system available.  Our new convenient hand held R.F. (radio frequency) ray tube technology accelerates and maximizes the potential of energy research in ways previously unavailable!

The plasma ray tubes are R.F. (radio frequency) powered, which means your selected frequencies are broadcast and penetrate without the type of limitation seen with skin contact electrodes, where the electricity can skim over the surface of the body without FULLY penetrating the skin’s natural resistance.

The energy focus is the most concentrated at the site of application, but also affects the ENTIRE body as well, due to the R.F. ultrasound effects propagating throughout the lymphatic, plasma and cellular fluids of the body. These harmonic ultrasound resonance frequencies result from the pulsating pressure of the light mass emanating from the argon plasma tubes. This is the same principle that accounted for the observed M.O.R. (Mortal Oscillatory Rate) oscillation effects of the original Royal Rife Beam Tube. The technology is 21st century, but the healing results are the SAME!

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